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Welcome to ”People in the Know,” a podcast hosted by Ken Root. Join us on a journey where Ken, with his knack for asking pertinent questions, engages with colorful and passionate guests. Prepare for an enjoyable listening experience as we dive into the depths of the human spirit, exploring the lives of those who embrace obscurity and find joy in it. Discover inspiring stories and unique perspectives on ”People in the Know.”

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Friday Feb 09, 2024

Deloss Jahnke works for the Illinois RFD Radio Network.  He travelled to Brazil's major agricultural regions for ten days in January of this year.
I speak with him about the infrastructure of the region and the farms that dwarf the size of ours in the Midwest.
A wonderful dialogue with an up and coming young farm broadcaster.
Deloss is currently National Vice President of the NAFB Organization.

Monday Feb 05, 2024

I am very sad to lose Bill Northey from this world.  He was a farmer, a commodity organization leader, an elected official in Iowa and served as an :Undersecretary of Agriculture in Washington.
I spoke to him in 2022 as he was the CEO of the Agribusiness Association of Iowa, based in Des Moines.

Friday Feb 02, 2024

Chad Dolan is a Fisheries Management Biologist for Iowa Department of Natural Resources.  He and I converse about the interaction of land use with water quality. He believes farmers and developers have a growing appreciation for the value of clean water by using best management practices.

Friday Jan 26, 2024

Gene is "Mr Spreadsheet" when he looks at his farming operation.  He recites real numbers from their farm for 2023 and some averages from 2010 to this year.  
He also loves the land and greatly appreciates people who farm it.
We talk winter, livestock, 2023 corn and soybean crops, grain marketing, grain prices along with crop rent and wind towers.
Not bad for 27 minutes.
Thanks for listening       let me know what you think

Friday Jan 19, 2024

Once again, I am honored to offer this interview with Ambassador Kenneth Quinn.  He moves that past history of agricultural science to the future as he describes his work in Vietnam in the 1960's and praises Dr. Norman Bourlaug's work through his long life.  
Not political, not even philosophical, this discussion takes the lessons of the past and offers them as solutions to problems of the present and challenges of the future. feed 10 billion people by mid century.  

Friday Jan 12, 2024

Cuba has been a pariah in the world of nations since the Cuban missile crisis of the early 1960's.  There are many reasons why Cuba has not been released from trade sanctions but none of them seem to be worth the anger from the Ex Patriot Cuban Community in the United States or special interests who lobby Congress.
Chuck Offenberger has a long history as a journalist and as a traveler.  He visited the island nation a few years ago and tells of its people and their hopes.
Worth listening to his view.   

Thursday Dec 28, 2023

The "Cow that stole Christmas" is well remembered by my guests.  Ms. Harrison was Communications Director for US Ag Secretary, Ann Veneman.  Peter Shinn was the News Manager for the National Association of Farm Broadcasters.
We talk through the events that calmed down the public and informed livestock producers of the threat of BSE in their food and economic damage to the marketplace.  Alisa cites the personal emotions of the ranchers and other livestock producers.
We also discuss the early days of the internet as a source of information and the time before social media
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Wednesday Dec 20, 2023

Jim Ross was a farm news broadcaster when I first met him in the 1970's.  He was on KMA Radio in Southwest Iowa.
Jim was given up for adoption as an infant.  He was adopted by the Lightfoot family and given his new name:  Jim Ross Lightfoot. 
He became a U.S. Congressman from Iowa in 1984 and served a full decade in the House of Representatives.
We talk of his life experiences.  Jim tells some amazing true stories.  Enjoy.
His Book: Climbing Mountains with God is available from Amazon.

Friday Dec 15, 2023

Captain Dustin Smith knows sharks.  He, and his customers, fish in the surf off the east coast of Florida.  Day or night, the expeditions into the Atlantic Ocean, take place on shore.  The sharks are tagged and released.  Captain Dustin is concerned about the welfare of sharks and people.  He also dispels some myths about these scary sea creatures.  I was brave enough to ask him questions.  
A remarkable man and wife team who are real "Shark Hunters"      386-235-5573

Friday Dec 08, 2023

A dynamic Kansas Woman has been leading the effort to normalize Hemp as a crop that farmers may grow as an alternative to wheat and other traditional plantings.  Melissa Nelson-Baldwin is a Human Dynamo on a mission.  She farms with her husband and brother in law.  Together, they are this year's Kansas Farm Bureau, Farm Family of the Year.  (that is not an easy title to win)
An update on growing and processing hemp.  It's potential role in the marketplace and the challenges that lie ahead.
She is also a whiz on social media so you can follow her on your own.

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